About Me

If anyone had asked me about my life at the start of last year, my answer would have been pretty simple. I was a 29 year old woman, with 2 incredible little girls and an incredible partner who I endlessly loved and adored for 9 years. For the past 7 of those years, we have travel around the world. I have supported him and his dream of playing professional cricket for his country, raising our 2 gorgeous children, at home, in hotel rooms and on tour. Trying to making the most of our crazy, incredible life as a family unit of 4. A year ago, my life was perfect, except as I was about to find out, it wasn’t.

In December of 2017 my world came falling down around me. Life as I knew it was over and my soul mate was gone, leaving me and our girls (aged 3 and 4) to pick up the broken pieces and try to find a way to move forward alone. Over night I became a single mum to 2 children, overnight my world was rocked to its core and it changed forever.

My journey is no doubt is going to be the most challenging thing I will ever face in my lifetime thus far. And I hope that by choosing to write this blog, I not only help myself by expressing the emotional demons I can’t speak about in person. I hope to inspire and help someone else know that they aren’t alone. That even when things look shiny on the outside it doesn’t mean they are shining on the inside. We all struggle with something, but Its how we overcome those struggles and get to the other side that defines us. As I fumble my through this incredibly painful process, that is right now just starting. I am already discovering that deep inside me I see a strong, confident, capable woman waiting to shine through and I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

Mel xo