Why Blog

Most people have seemed genuinely excited to hear about me blogging (or trying to). They are positive and uplifting to the idea of me being creative and exploring my emotions during this horrible time. On the other side people aren’t as supportive, why do it? and what do you want to prove? These are just some of the questions I have faced. To them my answer is this.

I’m choosing to share my journey because in my own mind I need an outlet for my grief, strength and confusion. I no longer feel like I need to or should be silenced in something that has been so public, hurtful and down right humiliating for me. I deserve to have a voice.

My story isn’t to shame the person or people involved, it’s not a blog of hate or spite on them for the choices they made (karma will take care of that). This is about me and my personal journey, my truth. What I believe was and is my life, then and now. How I tackle being a single mother to my two incredible children. How we change and grow, together and apart, which has never happened for more than two days and only on a few occasions.

In the weeks following my public breakup, I was contacted by so many woman, woman who had been through similar experiences. Two close friends have also recently been through similar experiences and more than ever I started believing that every person who has been through or is in this situation or any other horrible situation for that matter, want someone to relate to. They want to know they aren’t alone.

If this isn’t for you then move on, don’t read about it and don’t follow. If this is for you, then engage, inspire and connect with me, no one is alone, and no one should feel they are.




16 thoughts on “Why Blog

  1. Good for you! Its all about you and your kids now and anything that will help you get through this. I also suggest writing a private journal where you can write your thoughts and frustrations and ‘swear words’!! In time read back and see how much you’ve grown. It took me a year. I wish you all the best.


  2. Good luck Mel. Don’t forget that he will still be responsible,most importantly financially, mentally and emotionally will be on his head if he wants to be in your children’s lives, but financially he won’t have any choice and so it should be. It’s important that the children are cared for in this tough time. It’s the only good thing I have to say about my ex is that she did a pretty good job raising our children on her own and I did see them whenever possible. You’re not alone, the only difference is that you’re in the public eye. All the best


  3. Good on you. You’re right karma will catch up. He’ll only be famous for so long and she’ll lose interest. I get the writing to get it all out thing and I’m trying to work out how to do it myself.


  4. Good luck Mel. You will be fine – there are many of us who have gone through the same experience and come out the other side knowing that life is better than it otherwise might have been….just a bit harder for a while. My only advice, don’t let who he is make a difference. He may be a high profile guy and you may or may not have enjoyed his status in life, but he is just a guy who was too weak to make his family happy. Cricketer, cleaner, carpenter or chef…doesn’t matter. He’s just a guy that got carried away with himself. Let the new chic have the limelight – seriously, who needs it, you have a gorgeous family worth ten times the life you had with him. They are a dime a dozen. Look for the good one – even if it takes a decade. It will be worth the wait….xxxx


    1. Thanks Kym, your right far too many experience this and it’s horrible. I also am so lucky I get to cuddle my girls every night and that will never change! So appreciate the comment! Sending love x


  5. Thank you so much for sharing. My husband left two months ago (still not sure why) and it is comforting to know that I am not alone and that the feelings of hopelessness, self blame, hurt and anger are all normal.

    I also hope that your blog will be read by those thinking about leaving or having an affair to give them an understanding of how damaging their actions will be in tearing a family apart, a family that they are supposed to cherish and protect. Don’t just leave- talk through your issues and get help. To those that have done- may you end up being lonely and full of regret.


  6. So sorry you have become a statistic, like so many of us have. The pain of this type of betrayal is deep. But, unfortunately, it is not new. I agree it is so important to make sure your children are in a stable situation financially.
    The toughest part of going through a similar situation (without the fame involved, of course) was for me to not allow the intense anger I felt at times to engulf me. I really had to fight to maintain my composure and my integrity. And to not become bitter, nor to speak badly of their father to my children.

    Best of luck to you as you navigate the challenges. Just know that you WILL come through it.


    1. Thanks Deanna for your msg, it’s so horrible so many men and woman go through it, way to many for my liking that’s for sure.
      we both make sure our kids always come first and we shield them from the anger and pain as much as we can, at time as you know is hard! I really appreciate your msg! Xx


  7. Good luck, Mel. It will be my 2 year anniversary next week when my world was changed just like yours. It is a date edged in my mind. 2 years on though, my 3 and 5 year old boys and I could not be happier. You’ve been given an opportunity to rebuild yourself into someone you’ve always wanted to be, someone you admire. You are your own woman now. Enjoy what will come because it is truly exciting.


  8. Mel, I’ve just found your blog and being a cricket tragic i must say that i’m more that shocked to read this and more than broken to read of your pain and that of your beautiful girls.
    Stay strong and keep blogging and getting your thoughts out there and off your chest.
    Love to you at what is a horrible time. – NOT well bowled Gary!!!!!


  9. Good on you for writing this blog. You and the kids are winners – the losers are both parties who cheated.
    Be you, stay strong…There are great things in store for you.


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